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Divine Medical Centre, Ikoyi Lagos
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Well Women Check

The Well Woman Check is designed for women and includes a screen for osteoporosis. It includes a Total Blood Screen which consists of over 40 individual tests that have been designed to measure and evaluate the body's vital organ functions such as the Liver, Kidney, Bone, Muscle and Thyroid. Some of the other areas that are focused on are the blood's red and white cell levels, blood sugars and minerals and a comprehensive examination of your cholesterol levels can assess and evaluate future risk to heart disease.

Results from the Well Woman Check are analysed alongside a comprehensive Medical & Lifestyle Questionnaire that we request you to complete. This provides our Medical Advisors with valuable information about your health and medical history, enabling them to compile an accurate and comprehensive report offering you essential advice and recommendations about your health. Your report will be unique and specifically prepared for you.

The following health checks are conducted under our Well Women Check plan:


Total Count, Differential Count


Random Blood Sugar

Urine Analysis

Stool test

X-Ray Chest

Ultrasound scan of Pelvis

Pap smear test

Physical examination including breast and gynec check up by a gynecologist.

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