Divine Medical Centre, Ikoyi Lagos
Divine Medical Centre, Ikoyi Lagos
About Divine Medical Centre

Insured Patients

We provide a wide range of treatments and services to patients with medical insurance, whether you hold your own policy or are part of a company scheme. As you would expect, Divine Medical Centre is recognised by all the major Nigeria Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs).

You can use your insurance to cover major treatments and operations, as you would expect, but you may also be able to use your policy to pay for services such as diagnostics, scans, treatments or physiotherapy. As an insured patient, you can arrange your treatment to suit your needs, with no waiting lists and convenient appointment times. Arranging your treatment is very simple.

Using your medical insurance provision

Make sure you check your policy and know what is covered. To settle any personal costs directly, you can pay by cheque or cash. Some Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) do not pay for personal costs such as telephone calls, guest meals or newspapers, or cover the cost of mobility aids such as crutches, splints, neck or knee braces.

Check your insurance policy

You will need to contact your insurer before you come into hospital for any treatment or service that you intend to claim for. They may have paperwork they need to give you to bring to your appointment, and you may have limits or excesses on your policy that you need to check out first. You must confirm that your treatment is covered before you make an appointment and you must obtain authorisation from your insurance company.

Make an appointment

Call us or complete hospital appointment form to arrange to see one of our consultants at a time that is convenient for you. Your consultant will provide a diagnosis and discuss treatment options if this is required. You should keep your insurance company up to date with this information to make sure that your policy covers all the investigations, diagnostics, scans, treatments or physiotherapy that you may need.

What about the bill?

You must give full insurance details when making your hospital appointment before your visit. Normally the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) will settle your account directly with us, but sometimes they may require you to pay the hospital yourself and then reimburse you. Your Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) will tell you what to do.

Please remember that, while the hospital will invoice your Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) directly, it is still your responsibility to make sure that claims are processed promptly. If your Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) declines or delays payment, then you will need to pay the invoice yourself immediately.

Click here to make an appointment with one of our consultants.

Corporate Address

Divine Medical Centre
53 Norman Williams street
off Keffi Street off Ribadu Road
South West Ikoyi
PO Box 52739 Falomo



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